Year-round utilization, versatile use, fast amortization - our heavy self-cleaning Prismenwalze® convinces with enormous performance.

 On field and on grassland.

Güttler Matador – for front and rear

Seed roller in the front

Putting a dead-weight on the front of the tractor is not only detrimental to the performance of the tillage and cultivati-on machinery, it is also false economy.  

Attaching a Matador from Güttler is putting performance and efficiency in-front that works for you. Not only does it deliver more effective results, but it also protects the tractor and soil. 

Important facts to consider include:

  • Re-consolidation in front of the tractor
  • Seedbed finishing
  • Balanced axle load
  • Less soil compaction
  • Uniform seed depth and even germination
  • Rapid field emergence
  • More effective weed control (even the weeds grow faster and evenly in a single wave)

MATADOR 15 – 41

The Matador is a real all-rounder. With high impact. Can be used all year round in arable farming and grassland. Ideal for small and medium businesses.

Matador 15 E/S to 41 E/S – self-cleaning prism roller® 45/50 cm Ø:

  • Optional front and rear attachment
  • Extremely robust and easily maintained design
  • Centre bearing and 140 x 80 mm crossbar
  • Double bearing shields
  • Axles consisting of 4 bearings 
  • Cat. 2 headstock, bolted, with U stand


MATADOR 420 – 610

Enormous power, year-round use, unsurpassed even on moist soils, fast amortization and excellent at top agrar *.  Our great all-rounder is the star of contractors and large companies.

Matador 420 S – 610 S Self-cleaning prism roller® 45/50 cm ø:

  • Robust in cast
  • Front or rear mounting attachment
  • Hydraulic folding
  • Warning boards with lights

* top agrar test: Kein Platz für Zünsler! 5/2014


Perfect for seedbed preparation at the front and rear. Effective control of European corn borer with great power and moderate fuel consumption.

Technical Data

Typ Arbeitsbreite Transportbreite Gewicht
Matador 27 2,57 m 2,65 m 917 kg
Matador 30 2,92 m 3,00 m 1.030 kg
Matador 34 3,33 m 3,45 m 1.238 kg
Matador 41 4,05 m 4,13 m 1.453 kg

Pastureland & Greening

Perfect for pastureland: stimulate tillering, soil contact for the over- seed, thicker turf, higher yields

Technical Data

Typ Arbeitsbreite Transportbreite Gewicht
Matador 420* 4,18 m 3,00 m 1.945 kg
Matador 460 4,63 m 3,00 m 2.105 kg
Matador 510 5,06 m 2,50 m 2.235 kg
Matador 610 6,18 m 2,50 m 2.555 kg

*on request also with flanged spacers on 6.18 m working width 

Customer feedback:

Lohnunternehmen Sudenn, Varrel

“When I bought the Matador 610 S in order to sow maize as a result of the biogas boom, I thought that I wouldn’t get any more use out of the roller, which was why I was surprised by the extraordinarily strong demand for the machine for pastureland maintenance and to combat the European corn borer.

The machine has proved itself as a multi-functional machine and has been used almost all the year through. We combine the Matador with a front harrow from Güttler® and attach a seeder on pastureland, and also use it to combat the corn borer.

The excellent results of this combination have been obvious and have attracted many new customers."


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