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GÜTTLER – The Güttler roller with the golden hoof effect.®

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Welcome to Güttler!

For more than 40 years, Güttler has been the innovation leader of soil cultivation as confirmed by our products and our various patents. Our main focus lies on you and your requirements. The machines we produce are developed for supporting your work optimally. We are pleased to welcome you with us.

Our common goal will be: Permanently high yields at maximum efficiency.

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GreenSeeder 600 und 700 können auch im Frontanbau gefahren werden

Mayor, Master or Magnum - the GÜTTLER Rollers for large areas

Der Güttler HarroFlex-Striegel zum Striegeln und Lüften

GreenMaster - the 5-in-1 system for grassland care agriculture!

Großfederzahnegge SuperMaxx® CULTI

SuperMaxx Culti: the universal machine for the whole year!

Front Press Duplex® crocodile's bite

Activ in the front - instead of dead balast!

GreenManager®-System im Weinbau

GreenManager® - Your greening management in the wine and fruit growi

GÜTTLER® Säwalzen: Mediana im Frontanbau

Mediana, SuperMaxx and Matador - the rollers with the golden hoof®

GÜTTLER® GreenMaster 300 - the most compact machine on the market

The Mediana Roller for the best seedbed!

Güttler Prismenwalze im Einsatz

End with glued packer rollers

Güttler® SuperMaxx Bio

SuperMaxx - The machine for every season!

Güttler® - The roller pioneer

“Re-compaction and soil structure” – this has been the Güttler® motto for more than 35 years! 

When Fritz Güttler developed and patented the prism rings® in 1976, the guiding principle was the primary idea of creating the ideal soil structure for a seedbed. 

The sheep’s hoof effect of the Güttler® rollers has since become a well-known concept. Since then, the prism roller has been further developed and is nowadays probably the most effective tool to create an ideal seedbed: firm and fine underneath, loose and crumbly on top.

Discover GÜTTLER® by video

GÜTTLER® GreenMaster 300 - the most compact machine on the market

Güttler® in the top agrar-test

Three grassland harrows width roller in the top agrar-test

Güttler Frontpacker


Customer report on the Frontpacker:
Our farmers about the Frontpacker GÜTTLER® Duplex

Güttler GmbH Kirchheim

Güttler® YouTube-Channel

Discover our product videos and other customer stories.

Güttler® pastureland harrows

GÜTTLER® pastureland harrows - the best pastureland for successful milk producers!

Güttler Ackerland

Güttler® customer feedback

Customer feedback on zCustomer report on combating European corn borers & reseeding grassland with the GÜTTLER® Matador roller 6,0 meters

The Güttler® KFT in Hungary

 COOPERATION is very important to us - GÜTTLER® operates worldwide.

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