The best agricultural implements are grounded on it.

We revolutionized tillage with the first self-cleaning prisma ring roller. Ever since, the name Güttler has been synonymous with fertile soil structure and with a select portfolio of high quality products – with unique advantages for field work and ground maintenance.

Tilling fertile fields sustainably. Fighting against the European corn borer and other lepidopteron pests – with clout. Producing more valuable animal fodder from pasturage. These are really ideal tasks for an implement from our agricultural machinery forge. Why? Because there’s more to them than down-to-earthtechnology. More passion for digging deep into the underlying needs of agriculture. More ambition to improve already great solutions. More ideas, finally, that make your job of soil tillage easier. Faster, more convenient, and more productive.

Bringing you further.

Ideas, which offer agriculturalists unique advantages. For example, the intelligent turning principle or our perfectly ground-hugging trailer rollers. The extremely robust “crocodile bite” of our front press. The ultra-light Simplex rings. The universal modularity. And above all – our revolutionary self-cleaning prisma ring rollers – Güttler’s trademark.

A pioneer in surplus yield.

Our rollers with the “golden hooves” made the soil ready for a new form of field and pasture treatment: single-pass re-compaction. That was back in 1976. Today, we are regarded as the specialist in soil structure. With an exceptional range of solutions. Ours is the largest front-implement programme in Europe. Our implements are among the most intelligent and innovative on the market. Last but not least, they incorporate more than 30 years of development know-how. To the benefit of your soils. And your yields. And most of all: you.

Our Products in the overview

Frontpacker Avant

The Avant is based on the Simplex prism roller®


Frontpacker Duplex

Duplex for large tractors and high speed

Güttler SuperMaxx® 30 / 50 / 60

GreenMaster 640 / 770

GreenMaster 640 and 770

SUPERMAXX® 1200-7A: Großfederzahnegge ohne Walze

SuperMaxx® 1200

GreenSeeder 600 / 750

Matador 30 die selbstreinigende Prismenwalze® im Frontbetrieb

Self-cleaning prism roller® 45/50 cm


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