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We’re not simply here to sell machines, but to provide agricultural solutions. Because this has been our policy for many decades, we are able to provide so much more than just one type of press – today, we are able to provide a complete modular system that enables us to offer front presses perfect for any farm and any soil.

We thrive on finding solutions that meet your needs!

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Avant 45 und 56

Front Press Duplex® crocodile's bite

Duplex® 45 und 56

Customer feedback:

Gerhard Finke Agricultural Contractor

Maasen, Lower Saxony between Bremen and Hanover

Soil: Predominantly light sandy soils
Combination of machines: JD 6430 (125 bhp), Avant 56 with tined unit in the front, 6-row maize seeder in the rear
Annual performance: Approx. 200 ha maize seed

Mr Finke previously used the Güttler roller because of the Simplex roller in his power harrow and has already had a positive experience.

Thanks to the Avant front press from Güttler, we can carry out additional soil preparation while sowing maize. And that takes place without requiring any additional horsepower from the tractor, as thanks to the re-consolidation by the rollers, the tractor travels easily over the soil. 

In lowland areas and on our light soils, 125 bhp is all that we need to run the 6-row maize seeder together with the 4.5 m wide Güttler Avant at the front,” 

enthused Finke. An additional benefit is the fact that instead of having a dead weight up front, the front press plays an active part in soil cultivation.

Avant and Duplex front press - Produces an improved seedbed with fewer passes and less diesel. Less demanding on the tractor, the device and the soil itself!

Hans Güttler


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