The modular and clever combinable seed sowing device inspires.  In medium-sized businesses as in the community use.

 The first grassland harrow that effectively combats the common panicle.


Convincing and at the same time extremely favorable in the purchase: the favorable grassland soybean combi.  Convincing with excellent harrow properties and modular expansion principle.  The HarroFlex harrow is variably adjustable in its aggressiveness.  With four steps, the entire machine can be set up quickly.  Simple and clever: the tine loss safeguard.

  •  HarroFlex harrow with robust NonStop tines 12 mm
  • Optional with leveling rail or ripper board (patent application)
  • Pneumatic spreader EPS 5 optionally with 200 or 410 l
  • Seed tank:  Electric or hydraulic (at 410 l)
  • Can be combined with the self-cleaning trailer rollers: Mayor, OffSet® and Master
  • Front cultivation of the curry crust possible (without seed drill)


  • Halves the line spacing without extending the machine by one centimeter (the compact design is important because of the coupling of heavy rollers)
  • Doubling of the scarifying effect, sensitively adjustable from "zero" to "maximum"
  • Also suitable for leveling molehills
  • Can be retrofitted at any time, even if the machine was originally equipped with a leveling rail

If required, the GreenSeeder 600 or 750 can also be used in front-mounted applications (without sowing equipment).  And thanks to their modular construction, they can be adapted to changing requirements at any time.

The rolling of the reseeding: either in a separate operation.  Or on request also by coupling one of our towed rollers.

GreenSeeder: The application area

The lucrative series is designed for grassland care, for replanting and reseeding, for airing and grooming.  Can also be used in agriculture.  Intelligent and extremely practical: the seed combi can be combined at any time with one of our towed rollers.  To a powerful 5-in-1 machine for year-round use.

Technische Daten

Typ Arbeitsbreite Transportbreite Gewicht
GreenSeeder 600 6,00 m 2,40 m 1.100 kg
GreenSeeder 750 7,50 m 2,40 m 1.150 kg


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