pastureland maintenance

Curiosity and patience lead to innovative solutions!

As a specialist in cultivation, we could never have dreamt of a day when we would also be able to set standards with regard to pastureland. What we originally set out to do was to test a trailed roller and because of a lack of free agricultural crop land, we tested it on pastureland. Only afterwards did I notice the “hoof print” left behind by our roller. This aroused our curiosity. After a challenging, but very enriching initial period, in 2005 we exposed the GreenMaster.

Today, we provide a system that covers all areas of professional pastureland care, from rejuvenation and new seeding right through to after-care, so that you can be sure that you will achieve the very best pastureland all year round!

Discover our products for grassland care

GreenMaster 640 / 770

GreenMaster 640 and 770

GreenSeeder 600 /750


Güttler® - The roller pioneer

“Re-compaction and soil structure” – this has been the Güttler® motto for more than 35 years! 

When Fritz Güttler developed and patented the prism rings® in 1976, the guiding principle was the primary idea of creating the ideal soil structure for a seedbed. 

The sheep’s hoof effect of the Güttler® rollers has since become a well-known concept. Since then, the prism roller has been further developed and is nowadays probably the most effective tool to create an ideal seedbed: firm and fine underneath, loose and crumbly on top.

Customer feedback

Hansa Agrar, Zeven:

“We purchased our first GreenMaster 640 back in 2008 in order to offer provide an effective, professional pastureland maintenance service to our agricultural clients. The GreenMaster concept was well-received by our farmers, so much so that we purchased more machines and now currently have six GreenMasters in operation. 

As well as pastureland maintenance in spring, we have also provided a service since 2009 to control European corn borer, while at the same time establishing autumn cover crop. The machines are working very well. We can manage several hundreds of hectares a year per machine.“


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