Water-regulating greening management and many possible uses. Our flexible cultivator-roller-harrow-combination is the innovative solution for central tasks in viticulture and orcharding.


Create greenery or reseed greenery.  Reduce the competition of greening.  Combined with HarroFlex harrow and / or leveling rail, also ideal on grassland.  For reseeding, care and reseeding of sods.
For wine and fruit growing.

  •  Modular combination system for flexible greening management
  •  Viticulture cultivator with cutting discs
  •  Self-cleaning prism roller® type Mediana in cast or light semi-synthetic
  •  Pneumatic spreader EPS 5 with 200 l seed tank, split - with two separately adjustable sowing rollers for the simultaneous sowing of fine seeds and legumes

Technical Data

TypeWorking widthTransport widthWeight
GreenManager® Grubber 120,60 m1,20 m275 kg
Green Manager® Striegel1,20 m1,25 m 
HarroFlex 12 Kompakt  126 kg
Koppelrahmen  52 kg
GreenManager® Grubber 151,50 m1,50 m467 kg
Green Manager® Striegel1,50 m1,55 m 
HarroFlex 16 Kompakt  135 kg
Koppelrahmen  52 kg
GreenManager® Grubber 181,80 m1,80 m558 kg
Green Manager® Striegel1,80 m1,85 m 
HarroFlex 12 Kompakt  126 kg
Koppelrahmen  52 kg


 Green Manager® prism roller®
 Mediana 12.5, 15.5 and 19.5 (each matching the GreenManager®)
 Available in cast, semi-synthetic and synthetic Ultra


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